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When NDIS leadership fails, people sometimes die.

Q: Why does someone have to die before some NDIS leaders figure out how to lead?


The tragic story of an Adelaide woman dying in-situ from an abhorrent lack of support from her NDIS Provider has shocked everyone. Publicity like this doesn’t help the good providers.

This was, tragically, a team effort from the Board Chair to front-line DSWs. Systemic failures within one organisation’s leadership and culture.

Where were these operational (and governance/ risk-management) systems when needed?

  • Person-centred Care models

  • Periodic Outcome Reviews

  • Regular Supervision / Notes

  • Family and Participant Feedback

  • Workforce Welfare

At what point did someone realise or ought to have realised people's lives were at risk under their watch?

In November, the Aged Care RC Interim Report titled “Neglect” called out the “lack of leadership”.

Excellent leadership is about knowing what’s going on, while everyone takes personal responsibility for participant safety and outcomes.

Leadership creates both the culture and the conditions for high performance.

You will only know this by regularly measuring leadership capability, engagement, culture and customer feedback.

The planets aligned for all the wrong reasons in this case.


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