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The surprising truth about Aussie Millennials

Don’t tell me your dog ate your Facebook, Karen?

Roy Morgan (Social Research) has identified one unique social aspect of Millennials (born 1976-1990). It’s not the experience-seeking, travel-loving, commitment-avoiding, avocado munching, mortgage-dodgers who privilege lifestyle above all else…

It’s immigration.

You might be surprised to know 31% of Sydney and Melbourne’s Millennials were born in Asia (and 23% of Melbourne’s Gen Zs were too).

Our Asian-born Millennials have a very different mindset to their Aussie born peers.

  • 74% are married

  • 20% are Chinese and own debt-free homes

  • 25% regularly worship

  • 74% with a degree (vs 50%)

  • More likely to vote Liberal

  • Higher belief in traditional gender roles (triple)

Funnily enough, they have more in common with the Hey Boomers than their peers - far more diverse and conservative than you might have thought.

And this has far-reaching implications for leadership in workplaces:

  1. Value empathy over ego

  2. Believe a leader's role is to empower

  3. Different upskilling needs and methods

I think Australia’s future is actually in pretty good hands.

For the full research please visit: We got it all wrong on Millennials

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