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The opportunity in the Aged Care Royal Commission is inside you

Responses to an interim Royal Commission on Aged Care report are words like "shaken to the core" or "worse than imagined" or "honestly reflect as a society” the go-to thinking is there's nothing YOU can do, someone ELSE has to fix this mess.

The sun will still rise tomorrow.

Where is the ruby in a mountain of rocks? The opportunity in all of this chaos?

Yesterday, I facilitated a workshop with 65 NSW Aged Care providers on how to LEAD through the Royal Commission, how to FOCUS on what's important and how to ENERGISE your people to come with you.

In the photo, you can see everyone heads down, diligently working through my DO GOOD BE GREAT Leadership template to make the change that matters - the one in you.

I believe when you look at things differently the things you look at change.

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