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Q: What is the top skill needed to manage remote teams?

It's neither courage, listening nor empathy. We surrender 28% of our work life to it.

The big WFH trend is asynchronous communication.

It's when two people communicate with each other but not at the same time. The term originates from the telecommunications industry when devices communicate with each other but on a delayed basis.

We now spend 28% of our week on email at all times of the day (McKinsey).

The higher up the organisation you go, more people want more of your fixed time (an inverse relationship).

Communication relies on language that encodes a message for others to decode. English is one of the hardest (of 6,000) languages because its grammatical patterns lead to misinterpretation.

The best leaders ensure the message sent is fully received and understood by the recipient. Now we have to achieve that with less face-to-face time. Roger that. Over.

So the #1 skill is ... writing.

The long writing list includes reports, instructions, text, emails, speeches, newsletters, blogs and so on.

Good writing is good thinking:

  1. Be clear on what you want to say

  2. Seek feedback before you click “send”

  3. Read books to see what good writing looks like

  4. Observe how people process – some prefer visuals to auditory monologues

  5. Understand the emotional context versus your content

  6. Brevity. How can you write it again using only half the words?

When in doubt, pick up the phone!

Over and out, Bruce

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