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Hey, where did that great boss-in-a-crisis go?

Q: When this is over, will your people wonder where that great boss-in-a-crisis went?

They say an emergency brings out the best in people.

How well people stepped up in a pandemic tells you what exactly?

Think about the people you’ve worked with over the last six weeks. How well have they responded? Who has stepped up in your world?

What this crisis has shown me is leadership POTENTIAL is often UNFULFILLED in a STEADY state. Here are my five top reasons why:

1. The biggest blind-spot is that 70% of leaders think they are in the top 10% (Goldsmith).

2. The higher up you go the less feedback you get.

3. Leading is hard, messy and often thankless. People naturally resist change.

4. Some leaders are on auto-pilot.

5. Some leaders tell rather than ask.

So when the C-19 disruption dust settles many leaders will simply return to their under-performing selves.

Coaching is the quickest way to persistently realise potential according to the ICF:

- 66% of coaching recipients reported significant performance improvement and job satisfaction.

- coaching generates $4-$8 for every $1 invested.

So on the other side of C-19, you’ll have the usual demands and typical busy-ness but your people may wonder where that great boss went?

Life's great, Bruce

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