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Four Meetings and a Filibuster

You’ve got to make a tactical change in direction. So you organise a critical meeting to make a decision.

It’s important where you land, there's a lot at stake if you do nothing.

So you schedule the stakeholder meeting, and this is how it plays out:


The pre-emptive discreet discussions that happen before the meeting (email, phone, incidental).


The actual public meeting where debate and discussion happens.


The meeting that is going on inside everyone’s heads during the public meeting (assumptions, views, perceptions).


The conversations that happen after the meeting.

A filibuster is a deliberate attempt to derail a decision in the 2nd meeting.

If you think about the 2nd Meeting, how important are the 3 others going on around it?

In politics, sport and life, decision-making and influence isn’t a finite, bounded event. It's a process.

Paying attention to signals, cues, interactions, moods and emotions before, during and after a meeting helps get good decisions made, and heightens your influence.

After all, how many meetings have you attended when the decision has already been made?

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