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Vinaigrette Leadership Excellence was created for leaders who believe their business impact goes well beyond compliance and financial excellence , but includes leadership excellence and the desire to leverage the greater good and create a better world.

We work with successful leaders from the aged care, disability, public and health sectors who want to adapt their leadership style and their organisations to meet the needs of a more ambiguous, complex and fast-changing business environment. 

Via our leadership coaching and workshops, we help leaders make lasting behaviour changes, modify the way they lead and achieve the results they are looking for.

Why Vinaigrette Leadership Excellence?  

Our CEO, Bruce Mullan brings with him a wealth of business consultancy and advisory experience.



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For the past eight years he has provided consulting and advisory services to dozens of aged care, disability and community organisations. His expertise has guided significant business transformation by radically changing business practices, introducing new technologies and a more commercial mindset.

Prior to that he provided global consulting services to the insurance sector in 17 countries, including working with the PWC Management Consulting division out of their New York office. In this time, he led several long term finance and digital transformation projects for multi-national companies to streamline, simplify, automate and optimise back-office operations.

His extensive experience in finance, technology and coaching enables him to effectively work with leaders across all areas of an organisation.

Bruce is also the architect of our Vinaigrette Leadership Excellence Framework which provides the end to end of what’s required to be an excellent leader in the care sector.

What’s in a name? In your business, you probably already have the right vision, strategy and people (ingredients) to make a delicious salad.  We help you add the right dressing - a mix of support (oil), challenge (vinegar) and compassion (seasoning) in the form of coaching to help make your salad taste brilliant!


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